Q & A

Why do I need a real estate lawyer?

When making one of the largest decisions in your life – buying or selling a home – there are many parties involved making the process very complex.

For example:
Mortgage loan officer, Mortgage loan processor, Mortgage loan underwriter, Mortgage broker, Real estate agents, Home seller, Home buyer, Home inspector, Home appraiser, Insurance agent, Title company, Seller’s attorney, and Buyer’s attorney.

A real estate lawyer will coordinate with all the involved parties on your behalf. Plus, all of these interactions require many forms and documents. A real estate lawyer is familiar with all of said forms and documents. It is important that you protect yourself before you sign any paperwork that you are not familiar with. A real estate lawyer will be able to guide you through this unfamiliar territory.

If I’m being advised by an agent do I also need a lawyer?

Most agents are competent professionals but you must remember that New York is a “lawyer” state and once retained, no one will know how to represent and protect your interests better than a Real Estate Attorney.

How much will a real estate attorney cost?

Costs for an attorney vary based on location and depending on the complexity of your situation and how involved you want the attorney to be during the process. We offer a free consultation so you’ll have a clear understanding of what is involved from the beginning.

When should I contact a real estate attorney?

Buyers - Once you have seriously begun to look for a home it is always advisable to chose a lawyer at this point. This way he can begin to review any documents or answer questions you have before you submit an offer.

Sellers – Once you have decided to list your home for sale it is in your best interest to contact a real estate attorney so that an attorney can inform you as to the documentation you need to provide for the attorney’s review so that the attorney can head off and alert you as to any issues that could potentially hold up your closing. We will review and discuss any potential problems with you so everything goes smoothly.